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Ashleigh Wood, RN

I graduated in 2014 and took my nclex-RN that year and failed. I had personal things going on in my life and honestly didn’t know how to even study for this test. It took me awhile to get my head back into the game. I started Chellys class March of 2016 and passed my nclex this November 2016!! I followed her 7 steps exactly and listened to everything she said. Her class is more than just learning to pass a test. It’s about how to be the best nurse you can be. It was overwhelming at first so much info but once you learn how to focus and plan your study time you can do it! I am so thankful for Kim and Chelly. I know i could not have done this without Chelly’s nursing review! I love my cnr family! I highly recommend this review class to every LPN and RN!

Javon James, LPN

My whole life I have dreamed about nursing and I was having trouble passing the NCLEX. Life happened and time passed and I still didnt pass the test. I was beginning to give up hope and was told about Chelly’s Nursing Review (CNR) Chelly changed my life in many ways. She prepares her nurses for the field and also for life! She breaks down the information where you can understand it and understand the complete process while having fun! I am now a LPN and so thankful for meeting and knowing Mama Chelly! I miss being in CNR!

Katrina Stevens, RN

As an aspiring nurse struggling to tackle boards (3 failures under my belt) I found myself sitting in CNR during my entire pregnancy learning not only what couldn’t be taught in 2 years of schooling, but learning about the invisible crown nurses wear, and what it takes to be not just a good nurse, but a great nurse! Thanks to Chelly and her passion to change the world one nurse at a time, I did it… WE did it! When you’re down and out with finals and boards creeping up on you, THIS is the place to go. No regrets, only rewards. Katrina Mausser-Stevens, RN

Maria Yafanaro, RN

I highly recommend Chellys nursing review, I passed on my first attempt. She explains everything you need to know to be a great nurse. I enjoyed going to her class as well. I always recommend Chellys Nursing Review and Tutoring it is life changing. Thanks again for making my life way easier during the nursing school meltdown!

Megan Wirth, RN & Crossfit Trainer

I can guarantee you I would not have passed my NCLEX without Chelly. She is unlike any other instructor. I learned how much she cares for patients during my very first lecture. It is not about passing the NCLEX when you’re in Chelly’s class. It’s about being the best new nurse you can be, and making a difference one patient at a time. I love you Chelly, thank you for everything!!!!!!

Patricia Yniguez, RN

Chelly’s Nursing Review is amazing, I learned so much in her class. There’s no way I could have passed the Nclex exam without taking her review class. She prepared me very well and you also learn so much vital information. She is a blessing to many and has forever changed my life .. Thank you Chelly for all that you have taught me.

Preya Singh, RN

Ms Chelly I took your class 3 years ago for my LPN, where I was able to pass my NCLEX-PN with 85 questions the first try. I saved all my info from your wonderful class which I was able to use again for my RN exam which I took on 11/22/16 and again passed my NCLEX-RN with 75 questions. Thank you for all your help. You are an angel!!!

Shannon Elizabeth Hermann, LPN

Chelly is a real life angel. She doesn’t just “teach to test” she teaches you to save lives and be an amazing human being, not just an amazing nurse. You’ll never find yourself dreading to wake up and go to this class, you’ll actually be excited. Once you are a Chelly baby, you’re a Chelly baby for life! I passed the LPN NCLEX 85 and out first attempt and I’m a HORRIBLE test taker. I will always and forever refer any nursing student I meet to Chelly! I’m on my way into the RN program and will 100% utilize her study sessions when available!

Terrikay Brown, RN

Just want to encourage graduate Nurses to take Chelly’s Review class. I had no nursing background and had been out of nursing school for over a year. The class brought everything full circle for me and I confidently passed my NCLEX! Friendships were made there and everyone was so supportive.

Tianna Vincent, RN

After failing the Nclex exam once…I realized that I couldn’t pass this test alone. After hearing such great reviews about her course and guaranteed passing rate. I made the decision to enroll in Chelly Nursing Review ..with payment plans offered as an option to pay tuition, I was able to start her class immediately and I began to take advantage of all the classes that were available….which also includes tutor sessions as well. CNR offers written material, study material and also optional recording material “videos “as well.. CNR prepares every woman and man for the real world of nursing will find that you are confident and even more knowledgeable upon exiting the course. If you want make a great impact on your community with becoming the best nurse that you can be….then don’t hesitate ..Enroll immediately… I promise you…you won’t be disappointed. I am now an RN…75 and out!

Cierra Merriweather, LPN

I’m so happy that I decided to join your class Ms Chelly, it is truly a success and your 100 percent passage rate is really true!!!!!!! Love you so much you are truly a angel sent from heaven.

Raquel S. Velez, RN

Every day I leave your class I leave with more encouragement and feeling of hope than I did the day before. I have been so down in the dumps after failing & as more days go by I remember why I went to nursing school & why I am SO grateful to have been able to be apart of your class. God does everything with purpose and He definitely brought me to your class when I needed it most!
—feeling grateful.

Maria Orr, RN

Well it’s unofficially official! !!!!!! After 6y of school, 3 years of review courses, a husband, and a baby later…I’m a registered nurse!!!!

I can’t thank my family, friends, and my husband enough for supporting me through this crazy journey!!!

I also want to thank Chelly Bevel for instilling me with the knowledge to pass this test! If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be posting this right now! Your are a wonderful teacher and an amazing person thank you again! !!

Tanika Thomas, RN

Last night at work was very challenging but I have to give kuddos to my coworkers! The support and encouragement we gave each other last night brings a smile to my face! Thank you all!!!! Bill for his expertise and guidance, Julie Simon Worthy for helping me with my discharge while I handled an emergent situation with a post op patient. Chelly Bevel (Chelly’s Nursing Review & Tutoring, LLC) the knowledge you instilled in me on who you see 1st along with post op complications came in handy last night!! I strive for excellence in the care I provide for all of my patients and with God and great coworkers it’s all made possible!!! ‪#‎thankful‬‪ #‎nobathroombreaks‬ ‪#‎whoeatslunch‬ ‪#‎patientsatisfaction ‬#1

Brianne Flynn, RN

At the beginning of my RN journey she loved dressing up in my scrubs, and now at the end she wants her own!!! I believe this little one is going to be a nurse like her mom and change the world patient at a time! Thank you Chelly Bevel for allowing me and my family grow into something so amazing!!!!

Amber Wright, RN

Thank you so much Chelly for teaching me how to be the best nurse that I can be. The things that I learned in your class was not just about nursing. You taught me me how to be confident in my work, stand my ground and continuously educate myself. Thank you a million times over. You Rock!!

So today is my 1 yr anniversary as an RN! Started in Aug. as a Grad Nurse and Charge Nurse by Nov! ‪#‎shedidthat‬‪#‎PsychRNsRock‬#lovemypatients ‪#‎manymoretogo‬

Semia Owens Amos, RN

It’s official I’m a RN!!! Thank God! Thank you to my husband who has been my rock. He told me that I had it in the bag when I was worried.Oh yeah, 75 and out! Mrs Chelly Bevel I am so thankful for you. I will never forget the things you taught me about nursing and life. I will change the world one patient at a time! Thankful for my family who encouraged me and helped with my son so I could finish. My nursing ladies, couldnt have done this without you all either.

Semia Amos, RN. I did it y’all

Katrina Minniefield-Jackson, RN

I want to thank GOD for sending me to HIS Angel of knowledge Mrs. Chelly Bevel not only did you teach me the information & strategies to pass the NCLEX Exam but you planted a seed in me that the GOOD LORD JESUS CHRIST is going to water so that I may become a great nurse, save lives and change lives one person at a time and for that I am very grateful and appreciative. Thank you Mrs. Chelly Bevel for your hard work dedication and love for the profession of nursing and your students/babies. I will carry this knowledge with me and apply it for the rest of my life. YOU ARE THE BOMB.COM!!!!!!!

LaShanita DeVese, RN

It’s amazing how you meet other wonderful nurses like Shamara Morgan full of knowledge and come to find out we have something in common: Chelly Bevel, lol o how I miss you and your class

Jazmin Parker Fuqua, LPN

And out of all the good grades and studying NOBODY can prepare you better for that NCLEX than Mrs.Chelly! You remember those late night study groups at Ahuja @ashlie_d lol it was rough but she got us through it! I recommend ANY nurse graduate that has ANY doubts to take her class.