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Nursing Students


Are you struggling in nursing school? Have you already failed one nursing course and will be expelled from nursing school if you fail another? CNR CAN HELP!!!!

Chelly’s Nursing Review & Tutoring offers tutoring services for nursing students in subjects like critical care, adult med/surg, health deviations, maternity and many more! If time is of the essence and your schedule is tight, CNR have a convenient video rental program for subjects like Neuro, GI, Cardio, Respiratory, Hematology, Endocrine and many others…

We also offer group tutoring at a discount rate for midterms and final exams!!!
Cost: $50 for 4 hours if 4 or more students; $25 an hour if individual tutoring desired. Minimum of 4 hour sessions offered, small group highly recommended!!

$25 NO SHOW or Late cancellation charge applies (less than 48 hours notice)

Are You A Long Distance Learner?

Do you need online instruction? CNR has one-on-one coaching and classroom videos on cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, neuro, maternity, infectious diseases and more!