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• We are the only review course that offers an individualized plan for all students with up to 6-9 months live instruction

• We are the only review course that specializes in students planning to retake the nclex exam and international students

• We are the only review course that offers live videos with written modules based on the latest nclex test plan
 and one-on-one coaching for online students

• We have an open enrollment where the student can join whenever it is convenient for them.

• NOTE: the student is strongly encouraged to join asap (within 30 days) after graduation or immediately after failing the nclex.

• Yes, a complete CNR test plan package (based on the latest NCLEX test plan) with medications and EKG supplement is available.,

• Individual modules, videos and audio are also available for purchase as needed for unit tests or final exams in nursing school, HESI/ATI or NCLEX review.

• Yes: for for all face-to-face NCLEX review with traditional classroom instruction or evening/weekend flex programs we offer 100% money back guarantee.
• Yes: groups of 10 or more newly graduating* students registering at the same time get $100 off registration.

• Students must be within 30 days of graduating to qualify and if registration is done in person, one representative can bring payments with the first and last name of each group member

• It does not matter how long ago you graduated or how many times you have failed the NCLEX exam: we give you the tools you need to pass!

• We have had students who graduated 20 years ago and students who have failed 8 times, they are all practicing nurses now and excelling in their careers.

• Yes, the NCLEX exam changes every 3 years and CNR materials are always revised to reflect the latest changes on NCLEX and most are in management of care.

• CNR reviews and revises lecture content and written materials every 3 months to stay abreast of the dynamic changes rapidly occuring in nursing and medicine.

Chelly’s Nursing Review Comparison

Chelly’s Nursing Review: 24-72 Days (up to 288 hours/6-9 months) 100% Money Back Guarantee $500 Traditional $750 Non-Traditional

(Comparison to Other NCLEX review Courses)

• KAPLAN: 3.5 Days (28 hours) -3 Months/3,000 questions $500

• Buszta Live Classes: 5 days ( 40 Hours) $500 Traditional $1500-$3000 Non Traditional

• Mark Klimek Live Classes: 3 Days (18 hours) $295

• Hurst Live Classes: 3 Days (24 hours) $350

• Sylvia Rayfield Live Classes: 3 Days (24 hours) $350

• ReMar Review Live Classes: 2 days (16 Hours) $200