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About Us

Chelly’s Nursing Review “CNR” is not just a comprehensive NCLEX® review course; we are a one stop shop for anything and everything nursing. Our diverse management team consists of seasoned individuals with more than 80 years of collective experience within the field of nursing and medicine. We deliver exceptional passage rates with a money back guarantee!

To learn more about our Executive Director, Chelly Tuffs Bevel, RN, MSN, Ph.D please click here.

CNR offers a multitude of services for RN and LPN students including:

  • Face-to-Face Comprehensive NCLEX® review course with 100% money back guarantee.
  • Delayed not denied NCLEX® review course specifically for repeat test takers.
  • Long distance NCLEX® review course with 24/7 online accessibility to over 150 videos on numerous topics and coaching with a nurse educator available.
  • NCLEX® readiness exam to provide up-to-date guidance on when to schedule NCLEX® exam.
  • Individualized programming for internationally trained nurses; English-as-a-second-language “ESL” students and high risk students failing 3 or more times or graduating more than 5 years ago; that are preparing to take the NCLEX® exam.
  • Three (3) day NCLEX Review crash courses available.
  • A lifelong support group and dedicated “CNR” family to guide you along your journey as you enter into this incredible profession of nursing!!!!
  • Entrance exam tutoring for HESI/ATI
  • Tutoring services for nursing students taking unit tests, midterm exams or final exams.
  • Career coaching with resume building and mock interviews.
  • NCLEX® Test taking strategies and alternative question and answer workshops based on the latest NCSBN NCLEX® test plan.

We have several Ohio location.


Students can enroll anytime throughout the year!