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All Things Nursing!

CNR provides a wide range of services including:
• NCLEX review for RNs & LPNs
• Tutoring services for nursing students
• Three (3) day NCLEX Review crash course
• Online, virtual and independent study programs available.
• HESI/ATI tutoring
• Career/resume coaching services
• Continuing professional advice and support throughout your career

Are you struggling in nursing school?

Have you already failed one nursing course and will be expelled from nursing school if you fail another? CNR CAN HELP!
CNR has classroom videos on cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, neuro, critical care and ‘specialty’ packets available (maternity, peds, psych and growth and development) and more!


Here at CNR, we say “Delayed, Not Denied”… CNR specializes in students retaking the NCLEX exam. We personally interview each student and develop a plan for success. We have helped students who have failed the NCLEX as many as 10 times succeed and then helped them seek meaningful employment locally!

Do you live outside of Ohio or the US?

Do you need online instruction? CNR offers group coaching and over 150 videos are available to you 24/7 accessible on any electronic device. Videos include, but aren’t limited to cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, neuro, GI, cancer, HIV, renal, diabeties, ortho and procedures. Specialty topics; maternity, pediatrics, growth and development, geriatrics and infectious diseases.